Swine & Sons Provisions

I have made it very clear that my favorite restaurant in O-Town is the Ravenous Pig. When they expanded and opened their sister restaurant, Cask & Larder, I was beyond excited. Now they've opened a third restaurant, this time a casual take-out and sandwich shop, Swine & Sons Provisions, right next door to Cask & Larder.

I stopped by for lunch last week, not sure exactly what to expect. The place is small, but has a cozy atmosphere. The focus seems to really be take-out, while there are seats they are limited to just one or two tables and a small counter. The baked goods looked nice, and the menu includes sandwiches, some sides and snacks, and a handful of drinks, sodas, beers etc. At the end was a small butcher case with just a handful of options. I ordered the pimento cheese starter, the house pastrami sandwich, housemade potato chips, and their rootbeer on tap. The pimento cheese came out first and I dug right in. I enjoyed it quite a lot, although the ham jam layers were a bit sweet for my taste.

While I waited for my sandwich, I walked around and looked at the "provisions" on sale. Pickles, mustards, jams were all on display and as a fan of those products when used in their restaurants, I made a mental note that this was the place to hit before having guests over for a barbecue.

When my sandwich was ready (along with my bag of ranch potato chips!) I grabbed a seat at the counter and dug right in. The pastrami was crazy good, although I could've used a bit more mustard and kraut. The chips were excellent, crispy and flavorful, if a bit salty. The rootbeer, oddly enough, was my favorite part of lunch, I could've had that stuff by the gallon.

Overall, the experience was very positive. The ingredients are high quality and well made. I'm hoping to see the place expand and grow in selection. I know the location is small, but hit a deli/take-out shop up North and the counters are absolutely bursting at the seams. I will definitely be back for lunch in the future, but as far as picking up specialty groceries, the biggest problem with Swine & Sons is that there aren't enough "provisions." It's an Orlando struggle, you go one place for meat, one place for bread, one place for cheese, one place for pickles/accompaniments. I'm not expecting Swine and Sons to be a grocery store or big market, but just a few additions would go a long way. I'd love to be able to pick up more of the catering items without ordering in advance. packages of parker house rolls or cornbread, maybe a choice of a couple of cold salad sides by the pint, and adding more to the butcher case, and especially some quality cheese would go a long way to making this place a regular stop for me vs a once in a while drop in.

Swine & Sons Provisions
595 W. Faribanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789

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