Cherry Old Fashioned

There is nothing wrong with a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. Whisky, bitters, and sugar combine beautifully to make a gorgeous drink. I'll admit, I can be a bit fussy when it comes to making Old Fashioneds. I prefer to start with a sugar cube, add my bitters, and muddle with some orange peel. Add in the whiskey (rye is always my first choice, but a great bourbon works for me as well) then stir with ice and serve in a rocks glass. No soda, no added water. I'm all about highlighting the whiskey in the glass.

But being me, I also like to play.

I'd been lusting after a bottle of Cherry Heering for my home bar for several months. I was enjoying too many cocktails out using the ingredient, and I was dying to make them at home. From the gin-based Singapore Sling to the scotch-based Blood and Sand, Cherry Heering seemed versatile and able to play well with the spirits I was already enjoying.

So when I brought home my bottle, I wanted to start with a simple cocktail that would highlight my new ingredient. Enter the Cherry Old Fashioned. Since Cherry Heering is sweet, I figured there would be no need for added sugar and I was right. I also wanted a classic spicy rye to play against, Rittenhouse would be perfect. Add a touch of orange bitters and a bit of orange to garnish and you are in cocktail heaven.

Cherry Old Fashioned Cocktail

Mix the rye, Cherry Heering, and bitters in a mixing glass with ice. Strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice (or reuse the mixing ice, I won't judge, but I prefer a fresh big beautiful cube like above) garnish with the orange and enjoy.

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