2011 Frei Brothers Zinfandel Reserve

 I was a latecomer to the Zinfandel fan club. There are so many unbalanced, hot, jammy, fruit bombs out there that I didn't feel much love for the grape. Then I started drinking Ridge wines, and my world turned upside down. Finally, Zinfandel that held onto the luscious fruit, but with balance and restraint. From there I started seeking Zins out and my affection for the grape has grown larger and more fervent.

So when I enjoy a bottle like the 2011 Frei Brothers Zinfandel Reserve, I have to share. Here we have a classically styled California Zinfandel, high alcohol, jammy fruit, full bodied, but balanced. Tasty and complex enough that you can drink it by itself (while watching late night tv) or if you want something to enjoy with food. This is definitely a wine to go with meat, from burgers to steak, bbq and more, and at roughly $15 (and easily found in grocery stores), it won't break the bank on a Thursday night.

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