2010 Alain Corcia Les Avaux Beanue 1er Cru Pinot Noir

Burgundy is tricky. As I've written before, some of my favorite wines are Pinot Noir from this prestigious region in France, but every time I try a new producer, I know it's a gamble.

I'm not going to say I lost that bet with today's wine, I just didn't win. For a Premier Cru, I was underwhelmed. The cherry fruit and Earth were there, but muted. It needed decanting to open up, but it never really reached the complexity or intensity I was hoping for. It was silky and well balanced, but on the boring side. Tannins were very light. It is not impossible that I opened it too early. The acidity in the structure shows it can age, but I'm not sure how much this wine has to give. I'll be looking for an earlier vintage before I make my mind up about this producer.

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