2009 Henri Bourgeois Pouilly-Fume La Demoiselle de Bourgeois

Sauvignon Blanc is an easy grape to love, and when it is grown in the Loire Valley of France, it's even better. I'm a big fan of Sancerre (another region in the Loire) and in general, Pouilly-Fume (not to be confused with Pouilly-Fuisse which is Chardonnay from Burgundy) doesn't disappoint.

Tonight's wine is a perfect example.  Yellow in color with a nose of dried apricots, grapefruit and wet rocks, there is nice bright acidity on the palate with hint of smoke and vegetation coming through. Very well balanced, drinking really smoothly, with a long finish and a fuller body than I would've predicted. This is happily enjoyed with dinner or all by itself.

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