momofuku ssäm bar

David Chang has changed the restaurant world. His Momofuku empire was named as the "Most Important Restaurant in the US" by Bon Apetit last year, and for good reason.  The Momofuku brand pushes high end food in a casual atmosphere. No longer are white tablecloths necessary for an exceptional meal. Asian fusion is no longer a fad, but a cuisine in its own right.

So when I hit momofuku ssäm bar last winter. My expectations were very high.

I had the momofuku cookbook at home and was really enjoying the recipes as I worked my way through them. My adaptations of both ramen and pork buns were regular additions to my dinner table and I was curious to try more of Chang's food.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar did not disappoint. I wish now that I had taken more photos of my meal, but I was so caught up in eating that I forgot about blogging, which is in some ways the highest compliment I can give the restaurant.

The flavors were inventive and yet completely cohesive and delicious. From peekytoe crab that was refreshing and light to delicious beef tartare that was unctuous and super savory, each dish combined flavors and textures that were both familiar and yet reimagined. My biggest surprise was apple and bacon kimchi. It was a completely unexpected combination of flavors that worked so well together, I don't know why it's not served everywhere.

I'd recommend any of the dishes I tried that night, including the super famous pork buns and the duck ssäm. And for the quality of the meal, I found the prices more than reasonable. I look forward to returning.

momofuku ssäm bar
207 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

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