It's Always Sunny

I was eating at the Ravenous Pig last weekend and had the most delicious cocktail. It was barrel aged and they called it "It's Always Sunny."

The menu listed Smooth Ambler gin, Aperol, and St. Germain as the primary ingredients so I at least knew where to start. I didn't have Smooth Ambler Gin, but Hendricks is one of my cocktail staples so I used it as the base. From there it was just trying proportions and combinations until I found what I want... a refreshing, cool, orangey, floral, sweet cocktail that's just, well, sunny. I wasn't about to go barrel aging anything, so while my version isn't exactly the same as what I had, it is definitely inspired. And if you find my recipe bit too potent, it's also delicious served over ice and/or with more club soda.

It's easy to make and so darn delicious!

Boozy Epicure's It's Always Sunny Cocktail
Pour the gin, Aperol and St. Germain into a mixing glass filled with ice. Stir well then strain into chilled cocktail glass. Add the club soda, garnish with a twist and enjoy!

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