2010 Renieri Invetro

Sometimes, I pick up a bottle of wine for a completely random reason. Like tonight. I bought this IGT Super Tuscan at Total Wine for one reason only, because it had a glass stopper instead of a regular cork. Oh, yeah, and it cost $14.

The Vino-Lok system uses glass instead of cork and has been around for several years now, but until recently I had never seen one. When I found this bottle had the glass stopper curiosity got the better of me. And I will say, it was pretty fun to open the bottle and have the novelty top.

But corks and toppers aside, what's really important is what is inside the bottle, and I have to say, the Invetro delivered, especially at the price point. Balanced with dark berries, ripe cherries, earth,  spice,  moderate tannin and pleasant acidity. Not as big and complex as the greats, but a delicious bottle, especially with food.

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