Cheeky Negroni

How to make a Cheeky Negroni
I remember the first time I tried a negroni. I was so excited. I like medicinal flavored cocktails so I thought I was going to love it.

Then I tasted it.

And I just... couldn't.

It was too strong.

I know when I'm beat, and I have no interest in forcing down a drink just because I "want" to like it.

So I made my husband drink it.

I didn't try a negroni again for a couple of years. This time, I figured I was a much more developed connoisseur, of course I'd love it.

And I still... couldn't.

So I chalked up the negroni as  not my kind of cocktail.

Then I made a discovery in the aperitif world... Aperol.

Aperol is like Campari, both are Italian aperitifs, flavored with bitter herbal essences. But while they are both bitter, Aperol is milder, more citrus, flavor (to me at least) and has both a higher sugar content and lower alcohol content. Your classic Negroni is made with gin, Campari and sweet vermouth. Replace that Campari with Aperol and the sweet vermouth with lighter and more delicate Lillet, and you've got the Cheeky Negroni. A perfect drink that has the base flavors and character of the Negroni, but with the edge taken off.

Fill your glass 2/3 full of ice, add the gin, Lillet and Aperol and stir. Garnish with citrus twist and enjoy!

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