2009 Bodega Numanthia Termes

Wine Review: 2009 Bodega Numanthia Termes I am a fan of Numanthia wines. Located in the Toro region of Spain, this Bodega makes entry level Tempranillo to the very fine (and expensive) stuff, but what they all have in common is incredible structure. They can be very big, powerful and bold, with lots of tannin, but Numanthia always seems to find the balance of fruit, tannin, oak, and alcohol.

Tonight's Termes is no exception. It isn't their biggest or most powerful wine, but there is lovely fruit, both dark and red (think fresh blueberries and baked cherries together) on the nose with hints of chocolate and coffee and some wood letting you know it's there. The tannin is ample, but by no means harsh, and the finish is medium long with enough complexity to keep you coming back. And while a bottle of Termes wouldn't be considered cheap, I got mine on sale for $20, this is a great wine for the price.

I had a bottle of this same wine a year ago, and while it was delicious then, it was even better today, and I think it's best might still be a year or so away. I look forward to trying this vintage again.

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