2010 Chateau Fayat Pomerol

Wine Review: 2010 Chateau Fayat Pomerol
Bordeaux is such a mixed bag when it comes to wine. At one end of the spectrum, some of the greatest, most expensive wines in the world are made here, but at the same time, there are loads of bottles, mediocre to terrible, that are marketed and sold, often overpriced, because of the fame of the wine region. Bordeaux is naturally divided by the Gironde Estuary into the Left Bank and Right Bank, with those appellations in the Left Bank being blends of predominantly Cabernet Sauvignon, and those in the Right Bank being blends of predominantly Merlot.

The 2010 Chateau Fayat is from the Pomerol AOC, a Merlot based blend from the Right Bank of Bordeaux. Dark garnet in color, cassis, eucalyptus, licorice and oak were present in the nose. Beautiful roundness mid-palate, enough tannin for structure, wonderful balance and a long finish. This is what Right Bank Bordeaux is about, and what I wish more Merlot blends were like. Still young, it definitely benefited from decanting. Delicious, and while you can pair it with food, why bother? This is a wine to be enjoyed on its own.

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