Boozy Frozen Pops

Boozy Frozen Pops
Ever since I was a kid, I loved frozen popsicles. Who doesn't remember slurping these frozen treats during hot summers? 

As an adult, I make my own summer treats. I get to choose whatever flavors I want, they cost pennies to make, and I get to add, um, well, booze.

Today's post is a process, not a recipe. Use whatever fruit you want. I had leftover watermelon, so that's what I'm showing you today. In fact, I prefer to make my frozen pops out of whatever leftover fruit I've got, anything in my fridge that may be past it's peak for eating fresh is perfect for a frozen pop.

All you need is a blender and popsicle molds.

My molds cost $5 from Crate & Barrel, I like them cause the pops sit on a stable base, but I've seen even cheaper molds at Target, the dollar store, and even those kitchen superstores. If you don't want to use purchased molds, I've seen people use ice cube trays and toothpicks, or little wax cups and paper candy sticks. 

Start with your fruit. Using whole fruit is great because it's better for you and the pulp adds nice texture. I used watermelon. Cut it into chunks and pop it in your blender. Watermelon is particularly easy to use because it has so much natural liquid. Then turn on your blender and blend the fruit til smooth. Taste it. It'll need sugar, but the amount will depend on how ripe the fruit is and how sweet you like your pops. I needed only 2 tblsp of sugar. Add a pinch of salt, it'll bring out all the flavors. Next, add your liquor. I used a cup of tequila. Blend it again, pour it into your molds, freeze them, then enjoy. Easy as can be, and a super refreshing treat.
Some of my favorite combinations:
-Strawberry, lime, rum (daquiri anyone?)
-Peach, vanilla, brandy (don't peel the peaches, gives a nice texture and makes it healthier)
-Honeydew melon, cucumber, gin
-Mango, vanilla, vodka
If you want to make these non-alcoholic for kids, just replace the liquor with fruit juice. Coconut water is tasty too.
A couple of tips - if your fruit isn't wet enough to blend easily by itself (like peaches), add the liquor in the beginning to help it get going. You may want to add a little water or juice if it still isn't as smooth as you'd like, but go easy or you'll end up with fruity ice cubes.