2011 Poderi Di Carlo Collio Friulano

Wine Review: 2011 Poderi Di Carlo Collio Friulano

I've been surprised and intrigued over the last few months by the white wines coming out of the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region of Italy. Crisp, refreshing, and well made, I was very happy to see Total Wine carrying Friulian whites and was eager to pick up a handful of bottles.

So tonight, I'm trying the 2011 Poderi Di Carlo Collio (DOC) Friulano. Other Friulanos I've had have been crisp and appley, like a tasty unoaked Chardonnay. Tonight's wine did have that apple quality to the nose and the taste, but overall was quite a disappointment. There didn't seem to be enough acidity to balance it, which left a flabby and uninteresting wine. Nothing bad or undrinkable, but also not my cup of tea.

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