2009 Castillo de Maluenda Calatayud Punto y Seguido

Wine Review: 2009 Castillo de Maluenda Calatayud Punto y Seguido

I had to laugh when I saw the top label on this bottle while walking through Costco. If you have any doubt whether Robert Parker's scores affect wine sales, the marketing on this bottle should prove the point. And I must admit, $11 for a bottle given 91 points made me pick one up, just out of curiosity.

If you've been following my wine reviews, you'll know that I am a big fan or garnacha (grenache). Tonight's Punto y Seguido proves exactly why. This is a perfectly tasty wine. Great for parties or gatherings, there is nice fruit, a hint of oak, a smooth, albeit short finish, and enough acidity to pair well with lots of foods. Does it have any of the power or complexity of a good Priorat or Chateauneuf du Pape (okay, a blend, but grenache based)? No. Does it warrant 91 points? In my humble opinion, no. But is it an extremely delicious bottle well worth $11. A definite YES.

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