2007 Allegrini La Grola

Wine Review: 2007 Allegrini La Grola

Italy is a fascinating country when it comes to wine. There are so many different grapes, styles and regions to keep track of that it can be quite intimidating.

Tonight's wine, the 2007 Allegrini La Grola is a perfect example. Made from primarily the Corvina grape, this wine is classified as IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica), even though it comes from the famous Valpolicella in the Veneto Region. Because the winemaker chooses to blend the Corvina grape with others not traditionally used in Valpolicella, the wine cannot qualify for DOC or DOCG status, and instead (like many of the so called "Super Tuscans" of Tuscany) can only be labelled by it's larger region.

That doesn't make this wine any less delightful. With a nose of black cherry and red licorice, even a touch of earthiness, this medium bodied red (like many Italian wines) works perfectly with many foods because of its low tannins and well balanced acidity. With ample fruit, it is a delight to drink on its own or pair with any number of dishes.

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