The Great Macaron Challenge, Part 4

French Macarons at Home


It was nearing the end of my week, and after three days in a row creating disappointing macaron disasters, I had finally gotten it right. I successfully made my first macarons.

Unable to eat another pistachio macaron, I went back to vanilla and planned on simple raspberry jam for filling. Today was not a day to waste my time or attention on buttercream, I needed to get these right. By gum, I was going to get these right! So I carefully measured and sifted and strained and folded and watched my oven thermometer like a hawk,and watched my macarons like a hawk, and wouldn't you know it, it paid off!

My piping still wasn't perfect, but this batch behaved as it should, had feet, had lovely tops, and had beautiful delicate flavor and texture.

In a matter or days, I had learned what the batter should feel like, how to build the meringue and stop just short of stiff peaks. I had seen my shells crack and spread and burst. I had learned which temperature was best for my oven for these little dears and which rack was optimal so I could get lifted cookies without browning. I was proud and excited. I texted photos to friends and family and thought, "Hey, I should start a food blog!"

I was so excited, I was eager to try again the very next day and see if I could again make the magic that is a macaron. And wouldn't you know it, I was successful again!

Ok, I still wasn't the best at piping, but look at these beauties! This day I kept the vanilla shell and used marscapone cheese mixed with bluberry jam as my filling.

I also tried my hand at food coloring. Unfortunately, I bought organic special food coloring at a health food store and it did nothing for my shells. But who cares, I had made lovely macarons two days in a row. Nothing was gonna stop me now!

I am not a food photographer. This is my attempt at a "pretty" shot to show these macarons off!

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