The Great Macaron Challenge, Part 3

French Macarons at Home They say "the third time's the charm," and I was hoping it was true. After two days of macaron failures, I was bound and determined to get these cookies right.

Boy, was I in for a disappointment.

First, I believed that the day before I had overmixed my batter. I still believe that is correct, but in my eagerness to remedy the situation, on day 3, I undermixed the batter.

Behold my folly...

I sensed my mistake as I piped the batter, but hoped for the best as I prepared for baking. This time I kept the heat lower and used an actual oven thermometer instead of trusting what my oven told me.

Good news was that I was heading in the right direction. Bad news was that I was still a world away from the perfect macaron. I had feet, and sure these tasted good, but the browning was a problem, the lumpy batter was a problem, and while I was making progress I had now spent three days and didn't feel much better that I had day 1.

And by now, I was sick of pistachio...

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