Superbowl Macarons

Macarons at Home
Happy Superbowl!

Blackberry, salted caramel and red velvet macarons

In honor of the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, I give you Superbowl macarons.

I was planning on attempting the Italian method macarons again, so when my hubby and I decided to host a Superbowl party, I figured it was time for more macaron experimentation.

First, I knew I needed black and purple, and red and gold, to match the teams. What flavor combo's was I going to try? Well, I turned to Pierre Herme and used his recipe as a starting point.

For purple, I did plain shells with purple food coloring and did blackberry white chocolate ganache for the filling. The black were supposed to be dark chocolate, the gold were salted caramel, and the red was an idea I had for trying to make red velvet macarons (which cream cheese frosting center).

 The Herme recipe actually divided into four pretty easily, but I knew as I was mixing I had done something wrong with the chocolate. The batter just felt wrong as I folded it.

Piped macaron shells, ready for the baking...
The chocolate ones didn't turn out. I don't exactly understand, but I am pretty certain it was too wet. All the shells cracked, even the ones sharing parchment with purple cracked while the purples came out perfectly.

And best of all, my guests loved them. I didn't serve the chocolate. The salted caramel was the favorite of the crowd, followed very closely by the red velvet. The purples were all eaten, but like me, my guests found fruit flavored the least interesting of the bunch.

I wonder who'll make it to the big game next year?

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