Playing with Puff Pastry

I adore puff pastry. After reading and researching croissant making. I decided it was time to give a go to puff pastry. My first attempt was a success, actually easier than my first attempt at croissants, but whether you make it or buy it, puff pastry is something you should be using. It makes a meal feel fancy. All those glorious fancy layers. So, to celebrate my first homemade puff, I played and made some recipes I've been dying to try at home.

First, I finally attempted Beef Wellington,  a dish I've been toying with making for years. I followed a relatively simple Gordon Ramsey recipe and got fantastic results, see below!

Lovely package, all ready for cutting open!
For my recipe I used a rather large piece of beef tenderloin knowing I was making it to be cut in half to serve two. Ramsey's recipe has you making the mushroom duxelles and wrapping the entire package in prosciutto.

The filling spilled a little, but the dish was delicious.

So good that I didn't mind serving it along frozen veggie medley.

See Gordon Ramsey prepare this exact beef wellington on youtube here:

After the success with Beef Wellington, I set my sights on another puff pastry recipe I'd had my eyes on for a while. Tarte Flambee. It is simply a puff pastry crust, topped with creme fraiche and bacon. So delicious.

My oven may not have baked the tart perfectly evenly, but it was scrumptious. So much so that I won't make tarte flambe with store bought puff. With so few things going on, it all has to be perfect.

In my humble opinion, best uses for homemade puff pastry include simple dishes where the pastry is the star (tarts, palmiers, napoleans) and use the store bought for parties (pigs in a blanket) and quick cheats for things like chicken pot pie.

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