Orlando Top 10 Restaurants of 2012

Orlando's Best Restaurants Orlando's Best Restaurants

As we get into 2013, I wanted to take a moment to reflect back on my eating history in 2012. Since I am located in sunny Orlando, I'm thinking each year I should review my eating habits and list off the Boozy Epicure's Top 10 Orlando restaurants for the year. For these restaurants and more, check out the Eating Out tab.

1. Chef's Table at the Edgewater, Winter Garden
Who knew this gem was sitting in Winter Garden? The menu is small but that's the point in this intimate restaurant where the chef comes out and visits your table. Wine pairings are delicious, and the food is killer. http://chefstableattheedgewater.com/

2. Ravenous Pig, Winter Park
Any place that makes their own charcuterie makes me happy. Quite simply put, a freakin' good restaurant. It can be pricey (the wine list in particular can really put a dent in your wallet) but the quality and preparation are top notch.  http://www.theravenouspig.com/

3. Norman's, Ritz-Carlton, Orlando
Fine dining that is worth getting dressed up for. My favorite tasting menu in Orlando.  Add the wine pairings and you've got Boozy Epicure heaven. http://normans.aitrk.com/

4. Prato, Winter Park
I mean no insult to Italian restaurants in Orlando, but coming from New York they just don't compare. Except for Prato. Stick with the pastas and you won't be disappointed. I appreciate the wood fired pizzas, but they can miss, giving you not enough crisp and a little too much char. Wine list has many tasty choices by the glass and a respectable mix by the bottle. http://www.prato-wp.com/

5. Luma on Park, Winter Park
Sister restaurant to Prato. I love the wine list, and half glass options are great since it's the small plates that really shine. http://www.lumaonpark.com/

6.  Yellow Dog Eats, Windermere
When I first moved to Orlando, this was the first restaurant to convince me here might be more to the dining scene than chain restaurants and Disney properties. While this place is super casual and not a fine dining place by any means, the sandwiches and BBQ are creative and top notch. Fish knows what he's doing and I keep coming back. Any place that has had me as a regular for 8 straight years had to be on my "best of" list. http://yellowdogeats.com/

7. California Grill, Disney's Contemporary Resort
Speaking of Disney, when it comes to resort dining, steer clear of celebrity names and get yourself a real meal at the California Grill. And if you get a reservation that lets you watch the Disney fireworks during dessert, you'll feel the Disney magic. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/dining/contemporary-resort/california-grill/

8. Bosphorous, Winter Park
Turkish cuisine that can't be beat. I haven't had a bad dish, and am addicted to the mixed appetizer and LAVAS bread. Wine list is decent too. http://bosphorousrestaurant.com/

9. K Restaurant, College Park
Fresh, local, perfectly cooked. K is flawless in execution if a bit predictable in menu offerings. With the solid wine list, I'm always eager to go. I also like the sense of community and warmth in the service. http://krestaurant.net/

10. Cafe de France, Winter Park
Skip over hyped French restaurants with luxe interiors and try French cuisine in a simple setting. The escargot and homemade terrines are divine, and while the wine list isn't incredible, it's got a nice mix whether you are drinking by the glass or grabbing a bottle. http://www.lecafedefrance.com/

Okay, I get it. There is a lot of Winter Park in the list. There are a ton of incredible places that I've missed. I can't help that I enjoy the atmosphere in Winter Park so its restaurants grab me and keep me coming back. But the Boozy Epicure eats at a lot more than 10 restaurants, so if you want my complete guide with recommendations by category,  check out my page Eating in Orlando.