Madeleines at Home
Darker than I would've liked, but it didn't make them any less delectable.
For years, my favorite snack to go along with my Starbucks grande vanilla latte, was a package of madeleines. These little shell shaped cookie cakes are delicate, spongy and delicious, so I knew I had to make them. Wouldn't you know it, these babies are pretty easy to make and so darn addictive, I can eat an entire pan myself.  Like croissants, homemade ones will spoil you forever. I must admit I haven't had the Starbucks madeleines since I started making them. Unlike croissants, there are good ones being made if you can find them made fresh. I had the most puffy little gorgeous ones at Cafe Boulud this Christmas. I highly recommend giving them as gifts, or serving them along with coffee if you've got people over. I served these Thanksgiving morning and 6 of us in my house went through 36 madeleines in a matter of minutes. They are that good.

This recipe I use is by Laura Calder. Laura Calder's Lemon Madeleines

I know the lemon sounds strange. Some people have aversion to citrus in their sweets, but for this recipe, I highly suggest you follow it as written. The lemon does not impart any acidity or harshness, it is just lovely and fragrant, and from what I can tell, the traditional flavor. Every classic French recipe I've seen uses lemon, and for good reason. If you are completely against lemon, you can always use vanilla.

It was so good I found no reason to change a thing. As you see, mine are a bit dark, but that may be my pan, or my oven. Either way it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Can you tell I've eaten one already? My pan makes 12, but only 11 are pictured.
I literally could not hold myself back.

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